The Church

What type of church government exists at the Gospel Hall?

The leadership of the church features servant-leaders called elders.

According to the Bible in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, the men who lead a church must be of good moral character, able to teach the bible and care about the people of the church. These leaders are ultimately responsible for the doctrine taught in the church, the integrity of the use of funds and pastoral care of the church.

The men who serve as elders are recognized in their role by informal consensus of the church by their pattern of living. Elders usually serve as “unofficial” elders for years before being recognized for their work. That is, he teaches, encourages, mentors, supports and cares for people long before his elder status is recognized as “official”.

This method of recognition is based on the words in 1 Timothy 3 verses 1 and 6 “This is a true saying, If a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work”. It is a work, not a position. “Not a novice…” means he is proven trustworthy to the other people of the assembly.

Is the Gospel Hall part of a denomination?

No. Each Gospel Hall building is owned and maintained by the local church that meets there. Although a loose link of friendship exists between many of these churches, there is no central office or membership organization to report statistics, finances or doctrinal creed statements. There is no official list of assemblies.

The historical heritage shared at the Gospel Hall comes from the early 1800’s United Kingdom group known as the Plymouth Brethren. Some historical information about early Plymouth Brethren can be found at There are many other brethren history sites, some of which are here
Each assembly is a unique story of the people who were saved in a community because of sound gospel preaching. No one history defines the entire group of assemblies worldwide.

Why the name Gospel Hall?

Its really simple, the word “Hall” is a general name for a public building. Since the Gospel is preached regularly in our Hall, the name Gospel Hall is appropriate for us to use.

To distinguish the church (group of people) from the building, the name is distinguished. Some assemblies choose to name their building a “Gospel Chapel” or use the name of the town or street such as “Smithville Hall” we are called Waterloo Gospel Hall because we are in Waterloo Street. Simple!