If you have arrived here because of a book or a bible that you have taken from outside Waterloo Gospel Hall, welcome!

Would you like to hear something about how Jesus can change your life? Tim, one of the Christians who comes to Waterloo Hall, explains how this can happen.



Update 30-6-20

From 5 July we will be having our Breaking of Bread service at Waterloo Gospel Hall but only for those already in fellowship.

If you are a baptised believer and wish to join us then please do make contact using the email address below and let us know what assembly or church you in fellowship with or a member of.

The rest of our meetings remain online. If you would like to join us email:


Our meetings are as follows:

10.45am Breaking of Bread – at a distance!
4.30pm Chat with the Chaps – questions people ask about God

7.30pm Bible study – Daniel

7.30pm Prayer Meeting

7.30pm Bible Study – invited speaker

7.30pm Bible Study – Matthew’s gospel

7.30pm Bible Study – 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy

Hello and welcome to Waterloo Gospel Hall’s website. Here you will find some basic information about what we do. If you’re in the vicinity please do come and spend some time with us, we’d love to make you feel welcome.

A good start would be our Sunday afternoon service at 4.30 – 5.30pm where families and individuals are welcome for some basic bible teaching and hearing about Jesus suitable for children and adults who want to find out more!

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